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Step-by-Step Guide for Writing Brilliant Essays

When your instructors hand you an essay task, they expect you to do a myriad of things. For starters, you need to select a topic, then do the proper research, plan your writing, and organize it.

There are so many tips you can find for making this process easier. Instead of reading for hours, follow this very short and simple guide and write a brilliant essay in no time!

  • Learn the essay structure – Have you been assigned a descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, or any other type of essay? Check the specific structure of your essay type before you start writing.
  • Find a compelling topic – If your professor hasn’t chosen one for you, select the best topic for your essay. The topic must be compelling to the reader.
  • Narrow the focus – Your idea about the essay should not be very general. You need a defining story or idea that will allow you to research and write an inviting content.
  • Start the essay with a hook – Hooks should be a part of every essay introduction. Start with a hook that fits the style and tone of your essay, and draw the reader in from the introduction. The hook usually comes at the end of the first paragraph.
  • Make an outline – Plan the flow and structure of your essay in an outline. This outline is done within minutes, and can help you write the essay faster and without mistakes.
  • Don’t just tell the story – Your goal with the essay is to show the reader your story, not tell it. Evoke their senses and use reliable sources if you are attempting to prove something.
  • Finish with a thought-provoking conclusion – Conclude by stating the main idea of your essay, and end with your opinion and reflection.

There you have it – the shortest essay guide for a brilliant paper!

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Original Work Performed by Excellent Essay Writers

Every essay we deliver to customers comes as a template, an example you can use to build on your current work and writing skills. It is the fastest way to get a thing done, but also the most effective.

Collaborating with a team of some of the highest educated and trained writers allows our company to create essays that:

  • Are written to all the requirements, word count and standard you will choose
  • Meet the structural rules and requirements of an academic essay (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion)
  • Are fully customized and written from scratch
  • Meet the specific structural requirements of the type of essay you ask for
  • Are finished and delivered within the delivery window of your choice, regardless of how little or long this is
  • Are fully formatted and properly referenced as per your preferences

How We Work

When you fill in and submit our rather simple form, we will take all your requirements and match the essay to the right writer. This writer will carefully read all your requirements, collect reliable sources and research materials, choose the main theme for writing, create an outline for the flow and key points of the essay, and write it to fit the standard you required.

Once he or she is done, the essay will pass our rigorous quality control to ensure quality and originality. When we are certain the product is perfect and ready for delivery, we will make sure it reaches you before the deadline ends.

It is that simple, and very affordable, too. We make essay writing a no-brainer for you.

Our Methods of Writing Your Essay Assignments

All the research, outlining, and the actual writing part can be time-consuming and often tedious. Let’s face it – most of the topics you get assigned aren’t ones you are particularly interested in. Add a tight deadline to this, and you get the recipe for frustrations and stress.

Types of Essays Our Service Provides

When it comes to essay types, everything comes down to the goal of the writer. Are you required to share a personal experience, discuss an issue, describe something, or convince readers to accept your point of view? Because there are many goals you can have when writing an essay, there are also many types of essays you may be asked to write.

We have the means and expertise to write any essay you get assigned. The four most common types of essays ordered at our service are:

1.     Narrative Essay

Were you assigned a narrative essay, but do not know how to share a real-life experience, or cannot think of one that would be good to share here?

A narrative essay challenges the writer to think about himself. The story in this essay involves the readers and engages them. These essays are most often written in the first person and aim to be as vivid and clear as possible.

2.     Descriptive Essay

Consider this type of essay as the narrative essays’ long-lost cousin. This means that your narrative essay can also hold descriptive elements and vice versa. However, the key goal is not the same.

The goal of a descriptive essay is to use words to paint some picture. Making this essay vivid to the reader is the primary goal, and the idea is not only to provide a description but communicate an idea. The writer in a descriptive essay expresses emotions and appeals to the emotions of the reader and is equally evocative as a painting, poem, or a song.

3.     Expository Essay

Unlike the other two types, this essay is not supposed to involve the reader or appeal to his emotion. Here, you do not write in the first person. Instead, an expository essay has the goal to inform a reader by using analysis of a specific topic. The analysis must be balanced and used to define the topic with facts, examples, and statistics.

This essay is a combination of the methods used in a cause and effect essay, comparison and contrast essay, etc.

4.     Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is exactly what the name encompasses – a tool to persuade the reader to accept your point of view, or your recommendation. This essay should be written by using similar methods like those of the expository essay but also some that makes the reader connect to your point of view.

We Focus on Quality, Not on Speed

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