Editing Services

Our Editing Specialists Will Turn Your Paper into a Marvelous Piece

Sure, we cannot rewrite your paper to make it the perfect piece you’d otherwise get if you order it from scratch. But, we can turn it into the best, marvelous version of what it already is, and polish every little detail to achieve this.

What do we offer to you as a customer of our editing service?

Well-Constructed Sentences

The language you used throughout the writing may need some changing. Our editors will look into the discrepancies you could not notice after you finished writing, and point out to the things you can do to improve the sentences. We look at everything from typos and spelling mistakes, to your word choice and the sentence structure.

Say goodbye to those sloppy mistakes you keep making and learn what you can do to improve your writing. You can use the changes we make in your writing to learn your weak writing spots and eliminate them. This is a bonus you get when you order from our editing service.

Perfected Academic Writing

Some students struggle with verbs and verb tenses. Others cannot master abbreviations or keep mistaking numbers. The rest keep using the improper language – informal where formal is needed, and vice versa. And finally, there are those who just want some change, adding to their current vocabulary with words that would fit better.

The editor we will assign will know all this inside and out.

Guidance and Personal Feedback

Look at our editing as not only a way to make sure you get a high grade, but an opportunity to learn. The changes we will make to improve your writing are also practical suggestions that will boost your own writing skills in no time!

Editing Services at Assiewritings.com

Our editing experts hold Master or Ph.D. in a specific field. Why is this important?

This is important because it means that they are educated and experienced in writing papers for all levels. And not only that. When we selected the editing team, we chose those with the most experience in doing the actual editing. This team does not write and edit at the same time – they focus on building their editing experience by checking the written papers by our writers and yourself.

Here are some of the things we can help you edit. Remember, our list can be modified based on your specific requirements.

Dissertation and Thesis Editing

For these complex tasks, we only assign Ph.D. editors who specialize in the specific field and discipline. They are all familiar and use the writing styles you require in the writing.

Essay and Other Academic Papers Editing

Whether you are a high school or college student or need some help with your Master’s program and Ph.D. assignments, we edit every academic paper that comes to the mind. We have edited thousands of papers of all kinds and subjects, for students of the lowest academic level to the fellow PhDs.

We will take your paper and take it to the next level. This should maximize your chances for high grades.

Admission Paper Editing

Getting into a school of your choice can be frustrating and overwhelming, even if you are the best writer in the class. If you have an idea of where you want to get into and have the paper written and ready to submit, do not rush this just yet. Send it to our team, and we will make sure that another set of eyes takes a look at what you have done. You can then use the experience and knowledge of one of our team members to create an application no one can reject.

Editing at Almost No Charge

Every student knows that editing is cheaper than ordering writing from scratch. This is obviously not equally beneficial as ordering a paper from scratch, but if you are an excellent writer and know your way around the deadlines, why spend money on ordering a whole paper?

You must admit that you still need help once in a while, even if you are amazing and can write everything on your own. Let us give you a helping hand and send out your paper for some final polishing to us. We will make sure to do this at a very low price!