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Our team of professional and experienced writers are able to take any order and deliver outstanding content according to the customer’s instructions. Here are some of them:

Coursework Writing
Depending on the course you’re taking, the professor will ask you to take a certain topic and elaborate on it. Our writers can help you convey that experience through writing.
Essay Writing
An essay is structured academic content that requires your personal point of view on a given topic. Our writers can help you complete any type of essay, whether it is a narrative, argumentative, persuasive, or any other essay.
Research Paper Writing
This is the most complex project you have to complete for a course. It involves a great deal of research. You’ll have to study and present a huge volume of data as well as draw the right conclusions.
Case Study Writing
Case study is one of the most challenging projects. We have writers from various disciplines in our team. They can help you write a case study in the niche of engineering, marketing, psychology, or any other subject area.
Dissertation Writing
Our team is ready to help with any chapter, as well as during the editing stage. You’ll work with a PhD writer from your niche. Together, you’ll craft the perfect dissertation.
Editing Services
The editing stage is more than simple proofreading. It includes polishing up the style, cleaning up the format, and checking all the references. Our professional editors will work on all aspects of your projects.

Meet our team of the best writers in Australia. They are going to provide you with high quality papers and help you get the highest grade.

Jennifer Maurer

Top Research Paper Writer

Jennifer is an experienced academic writer from Perth. She adores digging through a great volume of data and analyzing it professionaly and qualitatively.

    Charles Horton

    Top Essay Writer

    Charles is a talented writer from Adelaide with five year of experience in writing complicated essays, especially in the spheres of business and politics.

      Jeanie Herrmann

      Top Assignment Writer

      Jeanie is an academic writer who has an MA degree in Brisbane university. She can easily understand any customer's demands and write high quality assignments.

        tips every student should know!

        Main Difference between Essay and Assignment You Should Remember

        Many students are confused by the difference between academic papers, mostly since papers are distinguished into endless categories, and have dozens of similarities and differences between each other. So, how do you distinguish an essay and assignment? More specifically, what is the main difference between the two?

        This is a common question among students and yet, the answer is very simple. Don't let this confuse you, but an essay and an assignment can actually be the exact same thing, while at other times, they are completely different.

        How is this possible?

        You probably know a lot about essay writing at this point. An essay is the most commonly assigned academic paper, and it consists of a general, five-paragraph structure:

        • Introduction
        • Body paragraphs (3 or more)
        • Conclusion

        There are also many types of essays, such as narrative, argumentative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, etc. All essay types are based on the same general structure, but the structure details may vary. Generally speaking, the difference between different essay types is the content and idea they carry.

        For example, you write a persuasive essay with the goal of establishing an idea, sharing it with others, and persuading them to believe in it, too. You write descriptive essay to give details on something, i.e. describe it, while an argumentative essay serves to prove a point.

        Then, what is assignment writing?

        An assignment is not a specific type of paper, but rather a category. Every paper can be set in this category, even an essay. An assignment may come in the form of a research paper, report, movie review, case study, and any other paper that comes to mind.

        This is why an essay and an assignment can be the same, or a completely different thing.

        Writing a Dissertation: The Preparation Process before the Writing Part

        A dissertation is the most dreaded academic paper among students, and for a reason. Dissertations are not only lengthy, complex, and time-consuming, but also carry the biggest part of the academic grades and performance, and serves to get you to the final stage of your education at the school – the graduation.

        So, instead of being relaxed and happy that all those exams passed and you are one small step away from getting the degree, you end up frustrated and overwhelmed over this last assignment. It is neither strange, nor uncommon – every student feels the same.

        It is for exactly this reason why most students ask for writing assistance at this stage of their education.

        In order to write a good dissertation, you need to prepare first. You cannot simply jump into writing this lengthy and complex paper without planning ahead. If you do, you will get stuck in the middle, or make a mistake that will cost you a lot of time to fix.

        Generally speaking, there are six things every student must do to prepare for the dissertation writing part:

        • Choose the research question, theme and title
        • Learn the structure and requirements for the dissertation
        • Create a timeline for your research
        • Make a research that includes only relevant sources
        • Organize the resources
        • Make a schedule of the time needed to write all parts of the dissertation structure

        When you are done with these steps, you will already have an idea of what to write about, what to include and exclude, how long it will take, and what it should look like. This should help you write a mind-blowing dissertation.


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        Genuine Content for a High Grade

        Writing papers does not only require highly developed writing skills. Even those students who have a writing talent can get stuck between the pile of assignments and need the help of a writing service.

        Professors expect students to prepare a paper by a set deadline, as well as fill it up with reliable, genuine content, organized in a way that fits the structure of that particular paper. This can be a very difficult task since the variety of academic papers nowadays is too big for a student to handle everything without help.

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        Our Writing Team

        Fortunately, our professional writing service can easily complete every paper you need, thanks to the talented Master's and Ph.D. degree specialists with the education of the best universities of Sydney and other top-rated universities, employed at our company. These experts can boast of years of writing experience, as well as highest result in our training program.

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        What Makes Us Unique?

        When you place your order with us, we will select the best writer with subject matter expertise in the particular topic. This expert will engage in the custom writing process, starting with evaluation of your assignment, step-by-step researching, and writing, all while following every requirement you provide them with.

        Finally, after your paper is completed by the writer, our team of trained editors will be ready to take over. They will review the work and make sure the text is properly formatted, edited and proofread.

        100% Original Papers

        AussieWritings.com with, the main office in Melbourne, prides itself on producing plagiarism-free papers every time. We double-check every paper to ensure it is 100% original and written from scratch.

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        No professor will ever give you credit for stolen content. This is why we make sure that every paper delivered by our company is a model paper and encourage our writers to work as a team when crafting your assignments.

        We have one of the biggest databases of reliable academic sources. In this way, we can deliver original papers within even the shortest deadlines.

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        It does not really matter how well a paper is written if the writer fails to meet your deadline.

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        We are Always Available

        Our services exist to help students finish their papers within every deadline, which is why we made sure to be available 24/7. To provide you with help within the tightest deadline, our agents stay put and wait for you to get in touch with them around the clock.

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        Finally, the most important feature of all – the pricing.

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